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Inclusiveness makes the world go round.


Learn all about the foundation of Shine Shed, what we stand for and the future we hope to build.

What does it mean to be


Inclusivity is defined as “the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised.”

By being all inclusive, Shine Shed creates a platform for equality. We do not attempt to promote inclusion through the exclusion of others. Shine Shed is focused on creating a space that transcends the boundaries that our exclusive and unbalanced world has created.

Why is Shine Shed an all

ages and abilities play space?

As most people can attest to, the world is constantly changing.

Nothing is the same as it was 20 years ago.


All ability play spaces weren’t common, nor were they a facility that many deemed necessary to build. Many people who’ve grown up with disabilities have never had the chance to truly explore the world in a fun, safe and inclusive way. Shine Shed feels that by breaking this pattern of exclusion, we can redefine the social constraints that have hindered the livelihoods of so many people.


We believe that experiencing play in an environment that is accessible for everyone is a step forward for true inclusion!

What is the future that

Shine Shed hopes to build?

Let's look at the world as an orchestra. Some people can play a violin. Some can play a piano. Others can absolutely rock the drums. If you give somebody an instrument that they can't use, the music won't sound as good as it could.  As a society, we understand that musicians need the appropriate instrument to play their best. Why aren't we as understanding about people with a disability?

Shine Shed strives to create a space where all people feel welcome and respected. Our priority is to be a leader in the development of more accessible spaces in Sydney's North and South West areas. Shine Shed always has and always will be accepting, caring, and respectful to all people. It is crucial that the services and facilities provided across our communities afford all people the dignity, respect and inclusivity they deserve.

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